Join us as a Volunteer

Join us as a Volunteer



What We Do

Our volunteers form the heartbeat of our organisation. Through the years, we received unwavering support from our volunteers, community, and corporate partners across all walks of life.

Their commitment to invest and sow seeds of love into the lives of our differently-gifted friends have been transformative and integral to our mission in building an inclusive society for our special needs community.

Find out how YOU can join the movement and be a friend of the special needs community.

Success Story

Since 2019, Nur Yazal Bin Muhammad, has been volunteering at Me Too! Club and helping persons with intellectual disabilities with rehabilitative activities on a regular basis. As a first-time volunteer with MINDS, interacting with PWIDs held a lot of uncertainty and excitement for him.

With the support of the community of volunteers in MINDS, his uncertainty waned and his understanding of the capabilities, drive, and aspirations of PWIDs became clearer.

They are no different from you and me. Sometimes, they show great passion and drive to learn new things more than any other.

Nur Yazal Bin Muhammad Me Too! Club volunteer

Group/Corporate Volunteer

dell corporate volunteering group photo

We have supported many causes over the last 7 years, but MINDS has always remained at the forefront of my mind because the need is always there for persons with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs). There is a need for inclusivity in the community and it starts with a collective effort from all corporates to lead by example to bridge the gap for PWIDs and the community.

Mr Ng Tian Beng, DELL Vice President (Channels)

Even the smallest act can make an extraordinary difference to the lives of our beneficiaries.

MINDS offers a myriad of opportunities for your organisation to make an impact.

Explore possibilities of change with us! Please fill up the form above and we will get back to you within 7 working days.

Individual Volunteer

two men doing exercise together

Sometime back, Mr Choo Joon Yong started volunteering with CTDC by only tagging along to outings and looking after clients that might need extra attention and care. As years progressed, so did his confidence and the trust he received from clients. Although he started out as a volunteer for ad-hoc events, over the last few years, Mr Choo has been supporting Training Officers during lessons and programmes from Mondays through Fridays. When FTDC opened, he continued his unwavering service with passion and devotion.

They are different. Especially in the way they seek love, understanding, care, happiness and acceptance. As our society progresses, its responsibilities to look after this group should be catered to.

Mr Choo Joon Yong,  FTDC Volunteer

We believe true success is only realised when we’ve built a community that embraces diversity and champions inclusivity for the special needs community. And this requires the collective effort of the community.

Anyone can make a change.

We welcome individuals from all walks of life to invest in our cause. A simple act of giving, be it through the gifts of time, talents or treasures, can make an enormous difference to the lives of persons with special needs and their families. Let’s work towards building an inclusive community, together.

NOTICE OF THE 59TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF MINDS: NOTICE is hereby given that the 59th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) will be held by way of electronic means as follows: Date: Saturday , 18 September 2020 Time: 9:30am (Registration starts at 8:30am) Venue: Online via ZOOM MINDS members will be receiving an email on the notice of AGM and are strongly encouraged to register your attendance to facilitate the verification process on the day of the AGM. For enquiries regardingthe AGM, members may email to or call 849607358