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Virtual Activity Coordinator

Virtual Activity Coordinator

Key Responsibilities :
1) Plan activities in a step-by-step manner that would cater to our respective client age groups :
A) 7-18 Years Old
B) >18 Years Old

2) Facilitate the session by encouraging clients to participate in the activity

9.30am to 11.30am
1pm to 3pm

(30 Minutes or 1 Hour timeslots)
Min. Fortnightly
Minimum Length of Service:
12 Hours of Service
1) Volunteer Onboarding and Orientation
2) Volunteer Debrief
3) Guidance by MINDS staff
4) Tagging to existing volunteers

Contact us

About the Activity

Plan and execute virtual based activities such as arts and crafts, virtual workouts,
or dance sessions to engage our clients and lift their spirits up for the day!

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