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Key Word Sign Singapore

An augmentative and alternative communication approach to aid speech development

Key Word Sign (Singapore) promotes the use of manual signs and gestures to support persons with speech or communication difficulties.

In Key Word Sign (KWS), only the key words in a sentence are signed as the person speaks at the same time. KWS has also been proven to aid in speech and vocabulary development, social interaction, as well as speech intelligibility in persons with communication difficulties. KWS could also be used with objects, photographs and pictures.

Key Word Sign Singapore is a proprietary trademarked to MINDS. MINDS acknowledges Singapore Association for the Deaf and Key Word Sign Australia/SCOPE (Australia) in the development of KWS Singapore.

Key Word Sign Singapore aims to: 

  • Develop and advocate for the use of Key Word Signing in Singapore to better support people with communication difficulties 
  • Be a source of information for professionals and parents-caregivers on matters related to Key Word Sign in Singapore, including training and support 
  • Ensure a high quality of training of accredited Key Word Sign Presenters and support the network of Key Word Sign Singapore Presenters 
  • Develop user-friendly and practical Key Word Sign materials-resources relevant to Singapore, and provide for the sale and distribution of Key Word Sign resources 
  • Work with other organisations and groups to facilitate the use of Key Word Sign in order to better support children and adults with communication difficulties

Read more about the launch of KWS Singapore here.

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Interested in learning key word sign?

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A repertoire of 700 Key Word Sign (Singapore) Vocabulary has been identified to meet the needs of children and adults across different ages, interests, activities and settings. To support MINDS’ public education efforts, a series of KWS Singapore bite-sized tutorial resource videos have been created.

Access resource playlist on MINDS’ YouTube channel here.

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Learn KWS Singapore through short videoclips and interactive vocabulary quizzes! A collaboration between MINDS KWS Singapore and Republic Polytechnic, learning via the KWS Singapore App is an effortless way to kick start your conversations with children and adults with communication difficulties. 

Download the KWS Singapore App today! 

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Want to learn how to use Key Word Sign in your daily interactions to support people with communication difficulties? Sign up for this 2 half-day hands-on interactive workshop and be equipped with functional signs. No prerequisites in prior signing are required.

Sign up for our Basic Key Word Sign Workshop in August 2023.

Download our e-brochure for more information.

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Presenter Training is for people who have completed the Basic Key Word Sign Workshop and want to become accredited to deliver Basic Key Word Sign Workshops. Presenter Training is 3.5 days with assessment components.

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Check out our “Learning Key Word Sign (Singapore) Together” 3-part book series, including ‘Starter Kit of Interactive Vocabulary’, ‘Daily Living, Health & Well-Being’ and ‘Learning & Thinking’ that serve as useful visual referents with graphic illustrations and simple-to-understand written descriptions to facilitate your learning of the key word signs.

Available for sale. For more information, click here.

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