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Our relentless pursuit to better the world for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities enables us to fuel discoveries of new knowledge, and better practices that drives the next generation of care experiences. By harnessing on our passion and deep-content knowledge, we provide specialised healthcare services and adopt multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the best outcomes for our people.

Medical Services
Dedicated to serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, MINDS Medical Clinic takes a pro-active approach in investigating health concerns through its extensive medical consultations and health screenings.
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Therapy Services
Our team of highly skilled allied health professionals takes a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach in enhancing the quality of lives and health outcomes of persons with special needs.
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Appropriate Adult Service
The Appropriate Adult for Persons with Mental Disability (AAPMD) Scheme provides support to various law enforcement stakeholders during the investigating interviews involving detainees, victims or witnesses suspected of having Intellectual Disability (ID), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/or Mental Health issues through trained volunteers.
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Befriending Services
MINDS recognizes the importance of social integration in helping Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PWIDs) integrate into the society. With the help of committed volunteers, this service provides a range of programmes and activities to cater to the needs of PWIDs of all ages.
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Specialised Courses and Workshops
Working with universities and learning centres, we develop specialised courses that build capacities and competencies in professionals to raise the standards of care practices, delivering excellent and quality care for persons with special needs.
Our team of trailblazers transforms the way we understand our people, generates new discoveries and sheds light on impacts to drive better care outcomes for persons with special needs.
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‘Our Lives, Our Voices’ Self-Advocacy Programme
Our self-advocacy programme empowers persons with special needs to have a voice on their own to advocate their interests and make decisions that matter.
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