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Towner Gardens School
Building MINDS, Inspiring Hearts
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Towner Gardens School
Building MINDS, Inspiring Hearts
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Towner Gardens School
Building MINDS, Inspiring Hearts
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Towner Gardens School
Building MINDS, Inspiring Hearts

Greetings from TGS

Greetings from MINDS Towner Gardens School, the first purpose-built special school in Singapore. Welcome to our vibrant webpage showcasing our exciting programmes, Co-curricular Activities and events. As the school believes in meeting the needs and supports the learning of the special needs students, it has grown from strength to strength. It is the belief that we can and are able to make the difference in the lives of students with special needs that has driven us to what MINDS Towner Gardens is today.

Currently, our school supports students with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder. We offer a variety of Co-curricular activities and exciting programmes to stretch the potential of the students cognitively, emotionally and physically. We provide ample opportunities for students to participate in the community and learn to navigate themselves in the real world with support from the school. We believe that our students should be included in every facet of the society. This is why our students’ learning has taken them beyond their classrooms, achieved through working together with our partners in the community.

From our website you can see the success, happiness and achievements of the students, staff and school. As students are the centre of our focus, you will find their ability and talents showcased more prominently here. Do contact us if you require more information or want to visit our school. Do stay safe and take care.
Ms Suzana Soo Principal, Towner Gardens School

Our Approach

Students at TGS experience a myriad of exciting events and activities to foster holistic learning and character development within and beyond their classroom. Embodying the belief that each and every individual has the potential to succeed, we have various departments to cultivate different niche areas in students.

To provide them with a variety of learning experiences, we organise sporting events, field trips to community, healthy lifestyle programmes, thematic events revolving functional literacy, numeracy, science, and IT skills that inspire endless imaginations for our students. We celebrate success at work with community participations and ensure our students learn in many exceptional and interesting contexts that are uniquely Towner.

Language & Science Programme
Employing a phonics-based approach to literacy, our students develop a love for reading that extends well beyond their formative years. At TGS, we believe that learning should incorporate immersive learning experiences that ignite their enduring curiosity and develop passion for science.
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ASD Programme
The TGS ASD programme aims to build a structured learning environment that increases learning for all students through the implementation of ASD specific strategies in the classrooms:
- Use of schedule
- Use of work systems
- Developing work habits
- Teaching of communication systems
Common visual cues are used school wide to develop good habits or routines and to help with students’ transition from class to class. Students are encouraged to use communication systems to communicate their needs as well.
Collaboration with Mainstream Schools
TGS partnered with mainstream schools to conducts several service learning programmes.

Through reading & ICT skills learning, our students form a special bond with their students and they have assisted us with event management, such as Racial Harmony Day and Math Thru Play.
Vocational & Domestic Science Programme
TGS provides industry specific trainings to develop the relevant skills required for students to transition into the workforce in the future. Through learning journeys and authentic work experiences, we help students to discover their passion and feel good about themselves.

Our Co-Curricular Activities

Our robust co-curricular activities provide our students a safe space to engage in their interests and passion while fostering a sense of belonging by connecting them with students of shared interest.

Gardening Club
Art & Craft Club
Music & Movement
Sports Club
Science & Technology Club
Social Recreation Club

Our Facilities

Autism-Friendly Classroom
Housekeeping Training Room
Adventure Land
Sensory Room
Domestic Science Room
Multimedia Lab
Immersive Mixed Reality Dreamscape

Parents’ Testimonials

Elkan has improved so much and becomes more independent since joining MINDS. The greatest improvement, he’s able to independently come home from school, which we thought was never possible. This is only achieved through the continuous effort and dedication of MINDS’s teachers. MINDS’s teachers are so committed in their teaching and imparting knowledge and skills towards their students. It takes more than dedication to coach these children with special needs, it’s the love, humanity, devotion, compassion the teachers possess that make the difference.

Elkan's grandmother

I am grateful that Naqib was selected to MINDS Towner Gardens school. There is no looking back since then as everything was great! Naqib likes to go to school and his teacher feedbacks that he enjoys his classroom lesson. Though at times he is a bit mischievous.😁 Throughout the year Naqib had wonderful form teachers who communicate and update on Naqib's progress. My compliment to all the TGS teachers for their dedication and caring environment to nurture Naqib to be independent so that he can integrate with the society in the future.

Naqib’s mother

TGS has provided my child an adapted learning environment based on his ability in working towards achieving independence. We are happy to partner alongside with the teachers who are mostly patient and engaging.

Joshua's mother


Admission is open to any child with intellectual disability who has at least one parent who is:
  • A Singaporean OR a Permanent Resident OR
  • An Employment Pass Holder OR A three-year Permit Holder (Admission is subjected to approval from the Ministry of Education)
Parents who consider sending their child to MINDS schools can contact the school's social worker at 6446 2612 or tgs@minds.org.sg.  
Parents may submit your child’s application using the digitized Special Education (SPED) school application form at https://go.gov.sg/spedschoolapplicationform. or scan the QR code on the left.  

Locate & Contact Us

1B, Lengkong Lima Singapore 417557
Office Info
Mon – Fri, 7.30am – 5.30pm
6446 2612
6243 7498
NOTICE OF THE 59TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF MINDS: NOTICE is hereby given that the 59th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) will be held by way of electronic means as follows: Date: Saturday , 18 September 2020 Time: 9:30am (Registration starts at 8:30am) Venue: Online via ZOOM MINDS members will be receiving an email on the notice of AGM and are strongly encouraged to register your attendance to facilitate the verification process on the day of the AGM. For enquiries regardingthe AGM, members may email to agm@minds.org.sg or call 849607358