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Greetings from LGS

Greetings from MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School.

Welcome to our vibrant webpage showcasing our exciting programmes, CCA and activities. We would like to share that in 2020, MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School would have opened its doors to children with special needs for almost 51 years. As the school believes in meeting the needs and supports the learning of the special needs students, it has grown from strength to strength. The belief that we can and able to make the difference in the lives of students with special needs that drove us to what MINDS Lee Kong Chian it is today.

Currently, our school supports students with intellectually disability and autism spectrum disorder. We offer a variety of co-curricular activities and exciting programmes to stretch the potential of the students both cognitively, emotionally, and physically. We provide ample opportunities for students to participate in the community and learn to navigate themselves in the real world with support from the school. We belief that our students should be included in every facet of the society. This is why our students’ learning has taken them beyond their classrooms and achieving this through working with our partners in the community.

From our website you can see the success, joy, happiness, and achievements of the students, staff, and school. As students are the centre of our focus, you will find their ability and talents showcased more prominently here. Do contact us if you require more information about our school. Do stay safe and take care.
Ms Suzana Soo Principal

Our Approach

Life at LGS is filled with amazing fun and discovery. Our students are constantly engaged through programmes and learning experiences thoughtfully crafted to develop their skills critical for continued success while nurturing their interests and talents.

The school provides a balanced education, placing equal importance to both the academic aspect as well as character and citizenship education. Values education is also strongly emphasised and infused into the core curriculum and various school programmes. Students are constantly reminded of the school’s values and are provided opportunities for them to exercise and exhibit these values. Our AWESOME programme is one such programme that gives recognition to students who exhibit good character and values.

Students’ preferences, interests, needs, and strengths are important considerations in all aspect of the school curriculum. Students who have special talents are provided opportunities to excel through their participation in the various CCAs. Project STAR provides the space for students who may need more time with their learning. For our students in the Senior level, our Transition Programme makes every effort to match the students’ interests and strengths with their work experience and post school placement option.
Whole School
Every staff in the school plays a crucial part in the education of the students. The school team consisting of school leaders, teachers, allied health professionals, transition coordinator and job coaches meet regularly with parents and caregivers to set and review goals. The whole school is involved in recognizing the abilities and achievements of the students in our AWESOME student programme.
The family and the community are engaged to bring out the best of every student. The school team and family meet regularly at Parent-Teacher Conferences and Transition Planning meetings. Our community partners and caregivers are regular supporters of our various school programmes, events, and celebrations. Through these activities, the school is able to create greater awareness of children with special needs amongst the community.
Outcomes Driven
Our school’s curriculum and programmes are outcomes driven. The school aims to provide a learning environment that will prepare our students to be active contributing members of the community. Through our Vocational Education Curriculum and Transition Planning Programme our students are prepared for post school options such as employment. In addition, all students are also equipped with the skills to lead an independent life when they graduate.

Our Co-curricular Activities

Our robust co-curricular activities provide our students a safe space to engage in their interests and passion while fostering a sense of belonging by connecting them with students of shared interest.

Sports Team
Visual Arts Club
Super Trouper Choir
ICT Club
Project Star Modular CCA
Green Club

Our Facilities

Autism-Focused Classroom
Retail Training Store
Housekeeping Training Room
Food & Beverage Training Station
Physiotherapy Room
Feeling Good Corner
Sensory Room
Domestic Science Training Room
LGS Eco Haven
Big L Café
Big L MiniMart

Parents’ Testimonials

The school's curriculum has effectively helped our son to live a normal life. The support given by the school to special children like our son is remarkable. Our family was overjoyed when he joined sports, choir as well as being an active student leader in school.

We were glad that he was accepted to work at Park Royal Hotel. It's a big achievement for our son who we never thought would work in the mainstream. Thank you so much to all these teachers and the school.

The school gave their 100 percent to boost my son's morale, confidence, ego, skills, abilities, good manners, and proper conduct. The teachers' enthusiasm didn't stop at the school premises. They find time to monitor and help their students even post-school.

Abeline Dave Burgos’s parents

Jeremy attended speech and occupational therapy classes at school. The therapist always reach out to me to provide feedback on his progress and pass on to me many materials to work with Jeremy so that his learning can be continuously reinforced at home.

I also find Lee Kong Chian Garden School's support staff very committed to helping students and parents to ensure our safety whenever we are in school premises. We always feel warm, welcome and secure at LGS.

Jeremy Gan’s parents


Admission is open to any child with intellectual disability who has at least one parent who is:
  • A Singaporean OR a Permanent Resident OR
  • An Employment Pass Holder OR A three-year Permit Holder (Admission is subjected to approval from the Ministry of Education)
Parents who consider sending their child to MINDS schools can contact the school's social worker at 6473 8332 or lgs@minds.org.sg.

Locate & Contact Us

802 Margaret Dr, Singapore 149311
Office Info
Mon- Fri, 7.30am – 5.15pm
6473 8332
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