For Children


Steeped in years of educational expertise and experience, with progressive and innovative teaching pedagogy, MINDS’ special education services focus on developing academic, social, emotional, and behavioural skills of children with special needs in a nurturing environment that enable optimal learning.
Our four SPED schools offer a holistic curriculum that unites academic disciplines and independent living skills, providing experiential and practical learning catered for children with special needs age 7 – 18 years old.
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Special Student Care Centre
Providing greater caregivers’ relief, our special student care centre offers a comprehensive enrichment programmes and bespoke activities that complements with schools’ curriculum.
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Residential Services - [email protected] Children’s Wing
We provide holistic care and opportunities for socialisation in a safe and nurturing environment for children with special needs.
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Message from MINDS: MINDS has issued a statement on the COVID-19 positive cases at [email protected] (MV) Adult Disability Home (ADH).