MINDS Raintree

Special Student Care Centre


Raising a child with special needs is not a solitary journey. At MINDS, we are committed to walk this journey with our fellow caregivers. This commitment permeates in everything we do. Through providing before-and-after-school service in our Special Student Care Centre, caregivers are given greater support where their child with special needs are given opportunities to enrich their knowledge and hone essential skills across several domains beyond their schools’ structured curriculum.

Bespoke Activity Stations

Targeted to enhance the skills of students across several major domains, MINDS’ special student care centres offer bespoke activity stations and interactive magnetic walls that allow places focus on student learning in context and in a self-directed manner. These include: Activity of Daily Living (ADL) , Art & Craft, Dramatic Play, Sports & Recreation, Literacy and Numeracy, Discovery, Cookery, Music & Movement, Information & Communication Technology, and Learning Journey

Multi-Pronged Teaching Approach

Uses thematic-learning and activity-based approach, MINDS’ Special Student Centres enable students to draw connections from the real world and develop understanding for abstract concepts Visual communication aids and structured schedules to provide optimal learning environment for students with autism spectrum disorder

Value-Added Enrichment Programmes

MINDS offers students a wide range of enrichment programmes that support students’ learning and add a dimension to the development of their physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills.

Multi-disciplinary Team of Professionals

MINDS boasts a team of multidisciplinary Allied Health Professionals that provide appropriate interventions to enhance the care and learning capacity of students.
Message from MINDS: MINDS has issued a statement on the COVID-19 positive cases at [email protected] (MV) Adult Disability Home (ADH).