A support programme for siblings of persons with special needs


Sibling relationships are the longest lasting relationships in one’s life, from childhood to adult years. When having a brother or sister with special needs, one may experience a myriad of different emotions and face different challenges at each life stage. For many adult siblings, the prospect of being a potential lifelong carer may also be daunting. To empower siblings in this lifelong journey, MINDSibs was formed and piloted in 2010.

Journeying with Siblings of Persons with Special Needs

MINDSibs provides an avenue for siblings to expand their social support network and form genuine connections with other siblings within the special needs community. We journey with siblings through their different life stages; and during this process, build their capacity to navigate through challenges whilst helping them forge stronger bonds with their special needs siblings. The goal for MINDSibs is to be a place where sibling participants feel supported, understood and accepted.
The programmes at MINDSibs are built on three core principles:

Gathering Knowledge & Increasing Awareness

Building awareness of the participants themselves, the conditions of their siblings with special needs and the community resources.

Social Support -
Building Connections & Developing Empathy Through Shared Experiences

Creating opportunities for siblings to connect with other siblings through shared experiences, develop empathetic understanding to one another, and in turn, expand the social network of support among siblings.

Empowerment -
Strengthening Identity & Resources

Promoting strong and healthy sibling relationships by empowering siblings with resources and skills to play a more involved role in their siblings’ lives, as well as to strengthen siblings’ capacity to advocate for greater inclusion of persons with special needs.

Customised Programmes for Different Age Groups

MINDSibs reaches out to siblings of different age groups:

  • Juniors (Aged 7 to 12 years)
  • Adolescents (aged 13 to 17 years)
  • Young Adults (Aged 18 to 29 years)
  • Middle adults (Aged 30 to 49 years)
  • Older adults (Aged 50 years and above)


MINDSibs conducts signature programmes for the different age groups every year. They range from day/overnight camps, workshops, bonding activities, facilitated small group discussions, to support groups. MINDSibs is constantly exploring new activities to engage our siblings meaningfully.

Testimonials from Our Siblings

Some of the struggles that we were sharing with each other are things that are very very unique to a sibling caregiver... there are only some things that sibling caregivers can relate to, so I'm grateful for such a support group.
MINDSibs Member since 2021
When people started talking about their siblings with different conditions, I get to learn a lot about how to deal with my brother better. You'll find similarities between our siblings, be it Down Syndrome or Autism
MINDSibs Member since 2021
As I continued attending this camp, not only did I started to build up my self-confidence and self esteem, I stopped bottling up my emotions, and started sharing more with strangers who just joined the camp; and it felt good.
MINDSibs Member since 2021

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