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Training & Development Centre
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Training & Development Centre


Warmest greetings from MINDS Eunos Training & Development Centre!

At our centre, we embrace every individual’s individuality and cultivate their interests and passion through our robust social and recreational programmes. Our strong partnership with corporates and passionate individuals who are driven to make a difference, has enabled us to create enduring memories and learning experiences within and beyond our centre.

With a focus on developing their independent living skills, our curriculum builds on the foundation that they have established in their formative years. To ensure that each and every individual thrive in their learning and development, our multidisciplinary team of Allied Health Professionals provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and behaviour and psychological intervention designed for their differentiated needs.

Embodying the belief that each and every individual has the potential to excel, our care and allied health professionals are committed to developing them into confident, socially conscious, and independent individuals. Our emphasis on taking a person-centred approach encourages every individual to pursue their choice activities while igniting their interest in lifelong learning.

We’d love for you to explore our webpage and be part of our mission to empower persons with special needs and their families to maximise their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

Mrs Donna Chia-Tiang Head of Centre, Eunos Training & Development Centre

About Us

How We Began
How We Began
MINDS Eunos Training and Development Centre (ETDC) is the fifth Training & Development Centre and the first of its kind to be co-located with other Social Service Agencies within Kembangan’s Chai Chee Community Hub. It was opened by Minister for Social and Family Development on 18 September 2015.
Whom We Serve
Whom We Serve
We provide services for adults with intellectual disabilities who require a higher level of support, or have a greater degree of special needs that require continuous specialised help. Our centre-based service offers respite care for caregivers by relieving them of their usual caregiving duties and allowing them to focus on other responsibilities.
What We Offer
What We Offer
With a focus on developing their independent living skills, our programme builds on the foundation adults with special needs have established in their formative years while enhancing their emotional and physical well-being through providing professional care by our Allied Health Professional team.


MINDS ETDC aims to provide clients with the skills necessary for independent and meaningful living, so that they may be active participants in the community and enjoy successful integration in society. The training programme and curriculum for our clients were developed according to the following principles:

Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
Personal Grooming
Community Living Skills (CLS)
Concept of Money / Time / Numbers
Community Mobility
Home Living
Language Development
Social Skills
Pre–Vocational Skills
Work Habits
Preparation for Sheltered Workshops
Social & Recreational Skills
Art & Craft
Performing Arts
Sports (Swimming, Bowling, etc)
Movies / TV
Computer Assisted Learning
Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Indoor and outdoor activities to enhance trainees’ functional abilities and to develop their social skills, which are essential for social integration.

These activities include:
Physical Education
Community Mobility
Karaoke and Games
Music and Movement
Art and Craft
Information Technology

What our Facilities are like

Training Rooms
Therapy Room
Activity Room
Sick Bay / Independent Living Room
Stage and Dining Hall


Priority will be given to graduates from MINDS SPED Schools. For assistance on referral procedures, you may contact the centre's social worker at 6547 8501 or


Would you like to get to know us better?
Perhaps to volunteer your time, skills, or celebrate the lives of our beneficiaries with your contributions.
We would love to have you join us!

Locate & Contact Us

11 Jalan Ubi Block 3 #01-21 Singapore 409074
Office Info
Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm
Training & Development Centre

Mrs Donna Chia-Tiang, Head of Centre

6547 8501
6547 8509