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Employment Development Centre
Employment Development Centre
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Employment Development Centre
Employment Development Centre

Greetings from SMEDC

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre.

Centric to all our programmes is the wellbeing of our clients on how they can continue to learn, grow and socialise in a safe, respectful and vibrant environment. The supporting functions of this environment thrive on putting into perspective the processes to identify each of their strengths and potentials, path and cultivate them into sustainable outcomes.

Here, our main goal is to empower persons with special needs and enhance their quality of life by strengthening their work and social skills in a structured and nurturing space. Activities like community engagement, participating in sports, engaging in the performing arts, and even playing a part in the annual National Day Parade in addition to daily work engagement add to our clients’ experience under our programme as they move towards personal remuneration and in some cases, employment. The endless learning opportunities they encounter daily, serve to enhance their independence and ability to assimilate to their community.

What sets us apart as a centre is the culture and community spirit we have cultivated over the years. The bond between our long-serving, robust staff and our clients helps us stand with them through the many milestones and transitions they undergo throughout their lives.

We continue to identify work our clients can be involved in, from the early days of MINDS, cleaning and repacking airline headsets to what the evolving social enterprises landscape is opportuning us today. MINDS Wash, MINDS Bakers, MINDS Food, MINDS Craft, MINDS Perform, MINDS Shops, and MINDS Shop Plus are the outcome of continuous planning, development of economically viable projects and the warm reception and support the general public has shown us over the years.

As you journey with us, you may uncover a valuable, satisfying and rewarding part to play in bettering the lives of persons with special needs.  Thank you.
Ms. Prema Thevarajah Senior Manager, SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre

About Us

How We Began
How We Began
SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre (SMEDC), formerly known as Commonwealth Employment Development Centre, was officially opened by His Excellency, Mr S R Nathan, former President of the Republic of Singapore, on 3 December 2000.
Whom We Serve
Whom We Serve
SMEDC serves adults with intellectual disability, aged 18 years and above, who are independent in their daily living skills and self-maintenance. The centre promotes the social and economic integration of adults into gainful mainstream activities, so as to enable them to lead a meaningful life independently.  MINDS EDCs were set up
What We Offer
What We Offer
The EDC programme develops the vocational skills and employability of our clients so as to enable them to maximise their potential and fulfil their aspirations. It aims to advance the development and well-being of adults with intellectual disability, as well as to empower them to participate as fully as possible in society.

Employment & Vocational Training Programmes

There are several employment development programmes within the centre:

Supported Employment Programme
MINDS provides an array of supported employment opportunities targeted at capitalising on capabilities of adults with special needs with the aim of increasing their employability.
Social Enterprise Programmes
MINDS boasts a myriad of social enterprise programmes such as MINDS Farm that harness their passion and interests to achieve vocational success.
Open Employment
We provide suitable employment opportunities for our people to secure successful employment. Working alongside Allied Health Professionals, and industry partners, these individuals are given a specialised on-the-job training within the centre that provides a seamless transition to the open employment.
Lifelong Learning Programme
Through our Lifelong Learning Programme, these individuals develop a range of essential life skills such as interpersonal, psycho-social, and complex work-execution skills that helps to pave their way to lifetime success.
Assisted Employment Programme
The Assisted Employment (AE) programme is a collaboration between MINDS and our businesses partners to run their business activities in full or in part in our Employment Development Centres. Our business partners will be provided with a space to operate their businesses and have access to our beneficiaries for their human resource needs. MINDS will provide the necessary job support with a Training Officer and a specialised team of Allied Health Professionals to train and guide our beneficiaries to succeed in their work. The objective of the programme is to grow with our business partners to provide sustainable employment to our beneficiaries.

Our Projects and Facilities

MINDS Bakers
MINDS Perform
Contract Work
Recreational Hall
OT Therapy Gym


Priority will be given to graduates from MINDS SPED Schools. For assistance on referral procedures, you may contact the centre's social worker at 6473 1148 or [email protected].


Would you like to get to know us better?
Perhaps to volunteer your time, skills, or celebrate the lives of our beneficiaries with your contributions.
We would love to have you join us!

Locate & Contact Us

800 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149310
Operating Hours
Mondays to Fridays, 8.30am to 5.30pm
SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre (SMEDC)

Ms Prema Thevarajah

6473 1148
6473 3885
NOTICE OF THE 59TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF MINDS: NOTICE is hereby given that the 59th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) will be held by way of electronic means as follows: Date: Saturday , 18 September 2020 Time: 9:30am (Registration starts at 8:30am) Venue: Online via ZOOM MINDS members will be receiving an email on the notice of AGM and are strongly encouraged to register your attendance to facilitate the verification process on the day of the AGM. For enquiries regardingthe AGM, members may email to [email protected] or call 849607358