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Self-Advocacy Programme

What is self-advocacy?

Self-advocacy goes beyond speaking up for your own rights. It is a way of life in engaging actively in decisions that matter to you. It means more than saying a “yes” or a “no”. It means taking ownership of the choices you make. It can be as simple as deciding what you want to eat for breakfast. It can also involve more complex decision-making like planning an overseas trip. There’s no greater voice than the one you have for you are the change we seek.

Our programme:

  • Supports you in expressing your feelings and thoughts
  • Empowers you to speak up for yourselves
  • Shares your life story with others
  • Educates you about your rights and how to go about being an active and helpful citizen


“Our Lives, Our Voices” Self-Advocacy Programmes brings individuals with special needs through an introspective journey to explore their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes, and find ways to communicate them to others. It enables them to find solutions or support to address challenges along the way. This programme nurtures them to be confident and independent individuals as they learn to take ownership of the choices they make.

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