A place to call home
A place to call home
A place to call home

Greetings from MINDSville@Napiri

A very warm welcome from MINDSville@Napiri!

Over here, we embody a healthy balance of family relationships and social support. Our residents and care professionals enjoy the comforts and joys of close-knit community living, while remaining closely connected with their loved ones at home.

At MINDsville@Napiri, our housing system reflects and undergirds the close relationship between our residents and care professionals. Our Home, Hostel, Children’s Wing and Napiri Training & Development Centre reside on separate storeys of MINDSville@Napiri, enabling residents to forge a close-knit community with their houseparents and care professionals, while ensuring a safe and secure environment within each of the services.

With a dynamic spirit and commitment to respect for each and every individual, our multidisciplinary team of professionals work closely with each otherto provide quality care and experiences to improve the care outcomes of persons with special needs.

Featuring a myriad of leading-edge assistive technology and therapy rooms targeted to provide differentiated care for our residents, MINDSville@Napiri also dedicates a safe space for families to stay in touched with their loved ones.

We’d love for you to delve further into our webpage and understand more about our services and activities and be part of bettering the lives of persons with special needs.

Mr. Bryan Lim Director, Residential and Centre-Based Services

About Us

How We Began
How We Began
Founded in 1969, MINDSville@Napiri was formerly known as Tampines Home where many of the residents have multiple disabilities and are unable to care for themselves on their own. Many of them are destitutes, and abandoned by their families. Tampines Home (West Coast) was later founded in 1994 as a hostel facility, specially designed to help residents with higher functioning to manage their lives in a communal living environment.
Whom We Serve
Whom We Serve
At MINDsville@Napiri, we serve persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities from six years old and above. The six-storey complex integrates four services under one roof - a Home and a Hostel for adults with intellectual disability; a Children’s Wing, and Napiri Training & Development Centre.
What We Offer
What We Offer
Designed to provide professional care, accommodation, and protection for persons with special needs age six years old, MINDSville@Napiri offers a safe sanctuary where our residents foster a sense of belonging while developing essential skills across several domains. In addition, we provide respite care, short-term or long-term care for persons with special needs to provide greater support for our caregivers.

Our Approach

Authentic Learning In the Community
We provide authentic learning opportunities for our adults with special needs by bringing them out to the community to learn and discover the world around them.
Leading-Edge Assistive Technology and Therapy Rooms
Sensory Gym. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Our residential facility is fully equipped with leading-edge assistive technology and therapy rooms targeted to provide differentiated yet holistic care for our residents.
Providing Quality Person-Centred Care through Multidisciplinary Support
We believe that personal choices come first and each individual merits the very best possible care. Our multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals works as an integral team to provide personalised therapeutic care and interventions to suit the needs of every individual with special needs.
Harnessing the Power of our Volunteers and Community Partners
Through strong partnerships forged with volunteers and community partners, our adults with special needs are constantly engaged in social and recreational activities that truly make a difference in their lives.

What our Facilities are like

Multi-Sensory Room
Pre-Vocational Room
Activity Area
Allied Health Professional Hub
Soft Play Room
Bocce Court


Would you like to get to know us better?
Perhaps to volunteer your time, skills or celebrate the lives of our beneficiaries with your contributions.
We would love to have you join us!

Locate & Contact Us

7 Lorong Napiri Singapore 547533
Office Info
MON – FRI 8.30am to 5.30pm

Dr Suririnah, Cluster Head, Home & Children’s Wing

Mr V Manichilven Joseph, Deputy Cluster Head, Hostel

6387 7662
6387 3357
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