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By putting every individual’s ability and passion first, MINDS maximises the potential of adults with special needs catering for the differently-abled. MINDS’ supported employment programme provides a strategic and concerted approach in empowering them through providing fulfilling employment and training opportunities that promote their economic integration into society.

Supported Employment Programme
MINDS provides an array of supported employment opportunities targeted at capitalising on capabilities of adults with special needs with the aim of increasing their employability.
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Social Enterprise Programme
We provide sustainable employment through our myriad of successful social enterprise programmes for our adults with special needs.
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Open Employment Programme
We secure rewarding and sustainable employment for our adults with special needs in the open employment market by providing extensive support and specialised training.
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Training & Development Centres (TDCs)
We enhance integration and champion inclusivity in the community through providing quality care and outcomes in our training & development centres.
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Residential Services
Employing person-centred support complete with holistic care and therapy, MINDS provides residential services catered for adults with special needs.
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Home-Based Care Services
MINDs brings specialised care and therapy right to the doorstep of persons with special needs.
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MINDS Me Too! Club
We create enduring memories by bringing socially isolated persons with special needs to the community to enjoy amazing experiences co-created with our dedicated volunteers.
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Case Management Services
We provide an integrated case management service for caregivers to develop an individualised care plan by assessing your needs and enable your charges with special needs to receive appropriate support service and care.
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