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Individual – Advocacy Facilitator

About the Activity

“Our Lives, Our Voices” is Self-Advocacy Programme which functions within MINDS Institute (MI).
The Programme brings individuals with special needs through an introspective journey to explore their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and explore ways of communicating these to others.
This programme nurtures and provides support, through our vibrant community, for PWIDs to grow into Confident and Independent Self-Advocates as they learn to take ownership of the choices they make.

What Self-Advocacy means to us:
Self-advocacy goes beyond speaking up for your own rights.

• It means more than saying a “yes” or a “no”.
• It is a way of life in engaging actively in decisions that matter to you.
• It means taking ownership of the choices you make. As simple as deciding what you want to eat for breakfast.
• It also encompasses complex decision-making skills like planning a speech or an Overseas Trip.

Advocacy Facilitator

Key Responsibilities :
1) Facilitation of clients in breakout room discussions for the topic of the week.
2) Progressively will be tasked to lead sessions according to curriculum provided.
5.30pm to 7pm
Weekly commitment on Thursdays
Minimum Length of Service:
Min. 3 Months
≥ 17 Years Old
Well organised in time management.
Comfortable with leading Group Discussions, and prompting responses from participants.
Patient and willing to work with / learn to work with, Persons With Intellectual Disabilities (PWID) in both virtual and in-person settings.
In- House Curriculum on Self-Advocacy applications based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

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