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Corporate Governance

MINDS adheres to the Code of Governance for Charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) laid out by the Charity Council. The public is able to access our full Governance Evaluation Checklist at the Charity Portal here.


Whistleblowing Policy

MINDS provides an avenue for whistleblowers – staff, volunteers, suppliers, and the general public, who have major concerns over wrongdoings to come forward and disclose their concerns in good faith without fear of punishment or unfair treatment. Wrongdoing relates to all forms of unlawful conduct, financial malpractice, dangers to the public, etc. Examples are:

  • Concerns about MINDS’ accounting, internal controls or auditing matters
  • Breaches of MINDS’ policies, or Code of Conduct
  • Fraud, thefts and misuse of MINDS’ properties, assets or resources
  • Criminal or civil offences (fraud, corruption or theft)
  • Abuse of power or authority; and miscarriage of justice
  • Intentional provision of incorrect information to public bodies
  • Concealment of information about any malpractice or misconduct
  • Practices which endanger health and safety
  • Sexual or physical abuse of clients/pupils or staff
  • Discrimination towards staff or clients on grounds of sex, race or disability
  • Conflict of interest in any activity that is, or appears to be, opposed to the best interest of the organisation.

An individual who believes that any of the above concerns exist, may whistleblow through the following channels:

Channel Contact Details Recipients
Email Head of Internal Audit & ARC Chairman
Phone 6479 5655 ext 10102 Head of Internal Audit (IA)
Phone (if complaint is against IA Department) 6479 5655 ext 10100 ARC Chairman C/O CEO
Postal MINDS 800 Margaret Drive Singapore 149310 (Attn: Head of IA) Head of IA
Postal (if complaint is against IA Department) MINDS 800 Margaret Drive Singapore 149310 (Attn: CEO) ARC Chairman C/O CEO


To facilitate effective evaluation and investigation, please provide as much details as possible. Be as specific as possible regarding the parties involved, dates, or period of time, the type of concern, evidence substantiating the issue. Please provide contact details in case further information is required. A template report is provided to facilitate the preparation of whistleblowing reports.

Anonymous reports will be considered at the discretion of the ARC. We encourage whistleblowers to provide his/her contact details so that clarifications can be sought if required. All reports will be treated in the strictest confidence and promptly investigated. An acknowledgment will be sent to the whistleblower within three working days of receipt of the report. Depending on the nature of the report, MINDS reserves the right to refer the report to appropriate external regulatory authorities.

No action will be taken against anyone blowing the whistle in good faith. The identity of the whistleblower will be kept confidential unless there is a need for a credible witness to the matter reported.

Personal Data Protection Policy

In line with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the “PDPA”). MINDS refines its processes and controls to ensure data is used only for purposes disclosed unless otherwise permitted under the law. We seek consent for collecting, using, disclosing, and processing personal data where consent can be withdrawn by notification to the Data Protection Officer in MINDS.

For more information on our Data and Personal Data Protection Policy, please contact MINDS’ Data Protection Officer at

Supplier Code of Conduct

MINDS has a longstanding commitment to working with suppliers to reflect our priorities in creating an open, honest, and law-abiding organisation. These values are integral to our sourcing strategies and act as a foundation for determining our partnership with suppliers to maximise the development and well-being of persons with intellectual disability (PWIDs) and their caregivers. Learn more about our Supplier Code of Conduct here.

If you suspect any of our suppliers have violated MINDS Supplier Code of Conduct, please contact us at the following:

MINDSG LTD (MINDS Headquarters)
Phone: 6479 5655
Address: 800 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149310

A template is provided to facilitate the preparation of the whistleblowing reports on Supplier Code of Conduct. Please note to provide accurate contact information – MINDS will only reach out in the event that further information is required.


At MINDS, we are committed to upholding the principles of good corporate governance. Our ongoing efforts to benchmark our controls and processes with exemplary governance practices demonstrate our dedication to maintain accountability towards the people whom we serve.

We have since received the “Best Transparency Award” for our exemplary corporate governance in 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2022 conferred by the Charity Council.

NOTICE OF THE 59TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF MINDS: NOTICE is hereby given that the 59th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) will be held by way of electronic means as follows: Date: Saturday , 18 September 2020 Time: 9:30am (Registration starts at 8:30am) Venue: Online via ZOOM MINDS members will be receiving an email on the notice of AGM and are strongly encouraged to register your attendance to facilitate the verification process on the day of the AGM. For enquiries regardingthe AGM, members may email to or call 849607358