About Home-Based Care Services

MINDS Home-Base Care Services (HBCS) is to enable Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PWIDs) who are currently not receiving any services, to live and participate in the community as much as possible. This is to enable PWIDs to receive care and training in their natural home environment.

Service Benefits

HBCS aims to support PWIDs through therapy services, training and care in order to:

  • Enable PWIDs to continue living and participate in the community despite their special needs;
  • Support caregivers in the care and training of PWIDs;
  • Provide an alternative care / training option; and
  • Allow caregivers to have some form of respite.

Admission Criteria

The following are the criteria for admission into HBCS:

  • Client must be diagnosed with intellectual disability
  • Client must be aged 16 and above
  • Client must be either Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
  • Client must be free from infectious disease
  • Client must not be receiving any other services (E.g. Day Activity Centre, Sheltered Workshop, Special School, etc.)
  • Client must not have severe challenging behaviour (E.g. aggressive behaviour, etc.)
  • Caregivers must be co-operative and willing to implement changes
  • PWIDs who require the services provided by HBCS

Services Offered

1. Basic Care

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills and Home Living Skills (HLS) training aim to train the clients to maintain their personal hygiene and to train them in housekeeping skills so that they are able to live in a clean and tidy environment, to promote general health and wellness. Training may include bathing, oral hygiene and toileting for ADL; laundry, sweeping and mopping for HLS.

Occupational Therapy services will be provided depending on the client’s assessed level of needs, in terms of their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) skills and/or Community Living Skills (CLS). For example, cognitive-stimulating activities, leisure and recreational activities etc.

2. Therapy Service

Physiotherapy services will be provided depending on the client’s assessed level of needs. It aims to maintain the client’s overall well-being and to enable them to lead an independent and active life. For example physical-maintenance activities, etc.

3. Positive Behaviour Support

Psychological support will be provided to address behavioural concerns, in order to reduce the frequency and severity of client’s challenging behaviours.


For enquiries, please contact the HBCS staff through this hotline: (+65) 6547 8502, or email at hbcs@minds.org.sg.