Respite Services
Promoting self-care, improving outcomes
Respite Services
Providing uninterrupted time for rest and rejuvenation
Respite Services
Finding strength and stability in caregiving
Respite Services
Achieving work-life balance as caregivers

Residential Respite Care

Residential Services – MINDSville@Napiri

MINDS provides residential respite care where children and adults with special needs receive person-centred care, therapy, and support to enhance their emotional and psychological well-being, providing caregivers a longer break from caregiving.

Centre-Based Respite Care

Employment Development Centres

Our Employment Development Centres offer a safe space for our adults with special needs to hone their craft and vocational skills through our vast array of employment development programmes. At the same time, caregivers can have peace of mind to focus on their day-to-day duties.

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Training & Development Programme

MINDS’ training & development programme provides opportunities for adults with special needs to connect with other individuals and enhance their essential skills continually in a nurturing environment. At the same time, caregivers can relax and turn their attention to other matters.

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Special Student Care Centre

MINDS’ before-and-after-school care service provides engaging learning experiences and enrichment programmes that extend their learning beyond schools’ curriculum, while catering to the needs and arrangements of working parents.

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Community-Based Respite Care Services

Me Too! Club

MINDS Me Too! Club befriends and engages socially isolated individuals with special needs out through a variety of befriending activities and outings, enabling caregivers to balance their caregiving duties with other necessary obligations.

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Home-Based Respite Care Services

Home-Based Care Services

Our Home-Based Care Services bring specialised care and therapy right to your doorstep, enabling caregivers to take a breather from round-the-clock caregiving duties.

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Customised Respite Care Services

Providing flexible hour scheduling, MINDS activates trained befrienders or staff to care for your loved ones while caregivers can take a break and re-energise or attend to urgent matters.

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