1. To enable pupils to acquire basic to advance gardening skills.
2. To instill a sense of responsibility and ownership among pupils in growing and caring of plants.
3. To involve parents in gardening activities.
4. To expose students to more outdoor activities.

Description of CCA activities:
The Gardening club serves to teach pupils gardening skills such as weeding, loosening of soil, applying fertilizers, watering, re-potting, plant pruning, sweeping and cleaning up work area as well as improve the aesthetic environment of the school.  They also work in TGS Sensory Garden to pick dry leaves, weeds and unwanted plants.

Involvement/ Activities in 2017:

Visit to Singapore Gardens Festival.

Preparing soil for plants.

Gardening with Dunman High School students.

Interaction at CHIJ Katong.

Our students at work in Towner’s Sensory Garden.

Involvement/ Activities in 2018:

Student being guided to harvest a Lady's Finger.

Visit to Jalan Senang Community Garden.