1. To inculcate pupils’ interest and appreciation of art through the use of new techniques and mixed-media.
2. To allow opportunities for pupils’ to be creative and to express themselves freely.
3. To provide opportunities for pupils to develop social skills through participation in field trips to art exhibitions/events, art enrichment workshops, collaboration with voluntary organizations and taking part in art competitions.

Description of CCA activities:
Pupils are guided to develop their skills in areas like drawing, painting, digital art, craftworks and group projects during CCA hours.
They have contributed artworks for exhibitions and competitions at mainstream/special schools level.
Their artworks have also been used for school display/events, souvenirs, gifts and community projects.

Involvement / Activities in 2017:

Visit to Very Special Arts exhibition at Forum

Involvement / Activities in 2018:

VSA Art Competition Judges’ Pick: Journey in Nature by Umairah Farzana Bte Muz Ishkandar

VSA Art Competition Judges’ Pick: Journey in Space by Tan Zhi Peng