1. To provide opportunities for pupils to acquire social interaction skills.
2. To enable pupils to acquire new skills and to build confidence.
3. To promote healthy living through various forms of sports activities.
4. To train selected pupils for the Special Olympic games in 2016.

Description of CCA activities:
Sports pupils are trained on their endurance, strength, flexibility and stamina through various circuits and station work activities. They are taught to play bocce, badminton and trained in track and field and soccer equipping them for the upcoming 2017 Special Olympics competitions.

Team games are also incorporated in the CCAs to provide opportunities for the pupils to acquire social interaction skills and good sportsman conduct of winning and losing in a game.

Involvement/ Activities in 2017:

Badminton practice.

Warming up.

Involvement/ Activities in 2018:

Happy play.

Happy winners.

Unified Sports Day with Pingyi Secondary School.

Softball Throw at Special Olympics Track & Field Competition.

Students, Staff and Supporters at Special Olympics Track & Field Competition.