1. To provide opportunities for scouts to experience outdoor activities like camps, campfire
and hike to build their self-confidence and self-esteem.
2. To provide opportunities for scouts to acquire social interaction skills with scouts from 
    other schools.
3. To inculcate discipline, leadership qualities and teamwork among our scouts.

Description of CCA activities:
TGS scouts are involved in activities like basic first aid, foot drills, camp craft and knotting skills. We also organise outdoor activities like hiking, camping and campfire.

We participate in the Extension Scouts Games Day and Overseas Goodwill Trips. All these activities help to develop their full physical, intellectual, emotional and social potentials.

Involvement/ Activities in 2017:

Campfire for Special School Scouts hosted by our school.

Working during Job Week 2017.

Mrs Madeline Aw receiving the Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award on behalf of Towner’s Scout Unit.

Hike @ Bukit Batok.

Involvement/ Activities in 2018:

Activity at Coney Island.

Tent Pitching.

Applying Knotting Skills to Form A Train.

Learning To Fold & Unfold Our Sleeping Bags.

Simple First Aid Training.