1. To facilitate opportunities for SRC pupil members to apply age-appropriate social behaviours and social interaction skills in social and recreation contexts.
2. To provide more customised opportunities for all pupil members to be actively involved in a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Description of CCA activities:
Social Recreation Club (SRC) has a new outlook for 2016.  Pupils are divided into two groups. Creative Mind is where pupils will be involved in doing interesting craftworks and
Stomp-Stomp TGS is where pupils will play funky rhythm using recycled materials such as detergent bottles; aluminum mooncake boxes; plastic canister; wooden spatulas; plastic containers,

Involvement/ Activities in 2017:

Drumming practice.

Working together.

Guided by volunteer.

Drumming Performance.

Involvement/ Activities in 2018:



Interaction & art work.

Trick or Treat !