1. To provide opportunities for pupils to acquire ICT skills.
2. To provide opportunities for pupils to create ecards.
3. To develop potential of students to be photographers for school events.
4. To showcase students’ work

Description of CCA activities:
Pupils in the ICT club learn to enhance and explore their creativity, ideas and develop skills and build self-confidence through the use of technology. During CCAs, pupils learn to use the digital cameras and iPads to take photos. They also learn to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation slides and use iPad apps such as pic collage and iMovie.

Involvement/ Activities in 2017:

Students showing their personal portfolios made with Pic Collage app.

Stickers made with Avery app.

Working on powerpoint.

Learning coding using “Kodable” app.

Taking a picture for “Stop Go” movie.

Involvement/ Activities in 2018:

Scanning QR code.

Taking photos using digital camera.

Using smartphone to take photo for SPED Conference.