• To provide students with opportunities to experience the sheer joy of rhythmic and expressive movements.
  • To provide a variety of activities for students to explore and experience different dance forms and dance genres.
  • To provide opportunities for students to express and have fun playing musical instruments.
  • To promote and involve interactions among students to develop their interpersonal and social skills, attitudes and values.
  • To provide platforms for students of different cultural and social background, different learning abilities to explore and perform dance together.

Description of CCA activities:
The Music and Movement CCA provides pupils the opportunities to develop their musical talents and movement skills in a range of dance styles & techniques.This CCA also provides pupils with the experience and exposure to regular performances.

Our recent focus is on drumming and hip hop dancing. These activities help our pupils to develop positive social skills, discipline and resilience. The pupils are able to showcase their talents as they perform in school-based events throughout the year. 

Our hip-hop group, The Kool Kidz, has been invited to perform in various public events. Such involvements enable the pupils to develop their self-confidence and also enrich their experience in the performing arts.

Involvement/ Activities in 2017:

Chinese New Year Lion Dance.

Chinese New Year Rooster Dance.

Kool Kidz Performance at Starhub Town Hall event.


Dance Performance at Special Olympics National Games 2017 Opening Ceremony.

Drumming session with instructor.

Performance at MINDS Schools Graduation Ceremony.

Performance at Purple Parade.

Performance at SYF Celebrations.

Involvement/ Activities in 2018:

Kool Kidz dance to express and impress at RSAF@Heartlands-Bedok.

Cajon Players - Rock The Box.