School of Excellence where every individual matters

To provide a vibrant learning environment that inspires our students towards
independence and integration into society.

Towner Gardens School (TGS) offers a safe and enriching school environment that delivers quality holistic education to maximize our students’ potential to be independent individuals who can integrate into society.

Based on the 5 core values that are common to all MINDS schools –  Strength of Character, Mutual Respect and Understanding, Integrity, Lifelong Learning, Excellence (SMILE) – at TGS, we are committed to developing individuals who are honest and caring. Honest individuals who will have strength of character to uphold integrity in their lives. Caring individuals will respect themselves and others, embrace lifelong learning as part of self-care and strive to do their best to benefit themselves and others.

School Philosophy:  Every individual is capable of learning and has potential that can and should be developed.

School Motto: Towards Greater Success