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The Social Combinator (SOCO) programme is a business incubation programme initiated by MINDS to facilitate the growth of new social enterprises. The objective of the programme is to work with budding entrepreneurs to provide long term sustainable employment for our clients.


Combining Social Impact with Business Sustainability

The programme helps start-ups grow their business or fulfil new business ideas. We will provide a production space in one of our three Employment Development Centres, and ten clients as employees to help them get started. We will also provide wrap-around services to get the right job fit for our clients, which includes training and space management.

Why Choose SOCO?

- Production space for your business
- Mentors to guide & advise on your business
- Networking & people connectivity
- Brand development your brand will be endorsed by MINDS!

The programme is open to all aspiring entrepreneurs who are keen to make a significant difference to the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities. Share your ideas with us and if you meet our criteria, we will welcome you on board to be a change maker.
Check out the SOCO website here for detailed information on the programme: https://www.socialcombinator.minds.org.sg.

For enquiries, please feel free to drop us an email at soco@minds.org.sg or call us at 6352 0225.