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MINDS Perform, a performing arts group which includes the renowned MINDS Taiko Drum Troupe, is aimed at training clients professionally for public performances. The troupe has performed in corporate events as well as national events, charming audiences with their energetic performance wherever they go.

The energetic young performers from our MINDS Taiko Drum Troupe, preparing to excite the crowd with their electrifying performance.

MINDS Perform was the first disability group in Singapore to take center stage in the National Day Parade 2014's Military Tattoo.

Taiko Drum Performance

Taiko Drummers from MINDS Perform.

Check out some of their performances here: https://www.se.minds.org.sg/minds-perform.

If you are interested to engage our young performers, please contact:

Mr Ramlan bin Rasidi (Rams), Training Officer

rams.smedc@minds.org.sg or 9765-4210


Mr Muhammad bin Abdul Rahim Shah (Muhammad), Training Officer



Taiko Drummers

    We look forward to seeing you!