Service Introduction

Me Too! Club (MTC) is a programme to enhance the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) through leisure and befriending activities. It is best suited for PWIDs who are unable to participate in community-based services due to health reasons and/or other reasons or would prefer a less intensive programme.

MTC offers age-appropriate activities that cater to the interests of persons with moderate to severe disabilities. Activities include:

1. Customised Respite Care

Starting from 1st October 2018, clients can be engaged in their home setting in order to allow caregivers to conduct their personal chores and errands with a peace of mind. This service is provided whenever requested by the caregiver, either by a one-time option or over a period of time i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.

2. Community-Based Respite Care

Below are some of the activities MTC conducts to keep the clients engaged:
a) Weekly leisure/enrichment activities
A series of courses/activities that are of interest to the clients and enhance their well-being are conducted. Each course/activity will run for at least 10 weeks.
b) Monthly outings
Monthly outings are organized so that clients are kept abreast of the changes happening in Singapore.
c) Befriending
Befrienders will be engaged in activities and conduct home visits with the clients they have been assigned to. The timing and frequency of home visits vary according to befrienders’ and clients’ availability.

Clients are required to participate in at least 1 activity between weekly leisure/enrichment activities and monthly outings. Befriending is an optional service that clients can opt out from.

The programme includes interaction with clients through participation in the weekly activities, monthly outings, phone calls, or home visits by befrienders.

Should clients be keen in joining MTC, they are required to join at least one activity between customised respite care and community-based respite care. If clients wish to join community-based respite care over a long term basis, they are recommended to join MTC.

Service Benefits

The service aims to enhance the quality of life for PWIDs by reducing conditions of social isolation as well as to provide and respite care services to better support caregivers. Through a structured yet flexible schedule and leisure activities, the programme further cultivates PWIDs’ ability for social integration.

Criteria Admission

Our admission criteria are as follows:

• Is certified by a doctor or psychologist to have disabilities pertaining to intellectual, autism or other developmental conditions, or a combination of the list
• Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
• Aged 16 years and above
• Free from infectious diseases
• Do not have serious psychotic disorders and/or serious behavioural issues (e.g.: aggressive behaviour, etc.)

Applicants would need the consent of parents/guardians for his/her participation and the parent/guardians should abide by the conditions of the programme on parental responsibilities.

Membership Fees

The membership fee is $100 per year, or $10 per month.

Clients/caregivers will be charged a fixed rate of $25 per hour for Customised Respite Care for a period of 2-4 hours, and $5 per session for Community-Based Respite Care.

2018 Calendar of Events

Once joined, caregivers will be given soft copies (via Whatsapp) and hard copies of the MTC’s schedule. A sample copy of the calendar is available for viewing here.

Me Too! Club Yearbook

MTC publishes an annual yearbook to feature the members as well as the programmes they have attended.

2016 Yearbook

2017 Yearbook

2018 Yearbook

For application or/and enquiries, please fill in your contact here.

Please contact our MTC staff through this hotline: (+65) 6547 8502. Or email us at: