Service Introduction

Me Too! Club is a programme to enhance the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) through leisure and befriending activities. It is best suited for PWIDs who cannot participate in community-based services due to health reasons and/or other reasons or would prefer a less intensive programme.

Me Too! Club offers age-appropriate activities that cater to the interests of persons with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. Activities include:

Weekly leisure/enrichment activities
A series of courses/activities that are of interest to the clients and enhances their well-being.

Monthly outings
Monthly outings are organized so that clients are kept abreast of the changes happening in Singapore.

Befriending programme
Befrienders are assigned to clients of Me Too! Club. Befrienders are to visit the clients at least once a week.

Clients have to join at least one activity between weekly leisure/enrichment activities and monthly outings. Befriending is an optional service that clients can opt out from.

Service Benefits

The service aims to enhance the quality of life for persons with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) by reducing conditions of social isolation.

It also aims to enhance the social integration of persons with moderate to severe disabilities (PWIDs) through leisure activities and a structured befriender’s programme.

Criteria Admission

The following are the criteria for admission into Me Too! Club:

• Is certified by a doctor or psychologist to have disabilities pertaining to a physical, sensory development, intellectual (IQ of less than 70), autism or other developmental condition, or a combination of the list
• Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, regardless of race, language or religion.
• Aged 16 years and above
• Is not diagnosed with infectious diseases
• Do not have serious psychotic disorders and/or serious behavioural issues
• Currently not receiving any services from MINDS or other service providers (except MINDS Home-Based Care Services).
• Applicant would need the consent of parents/guardians for his/her participation and the parent/guardians should abide by the conditions of the programme on parental responsibilities

For application or/and enquiries, please contact the Me Too! Club volunteer coordinator through this hotline: (+65) 6547 8502. Or email us at:


2018 Calendar of Events

Date Day Activities
20 Jan 2018 Saturday Visit to USS (Charity in the Park)
3 Feb 2018 Saturday Caregiver Symposium
13 Feb 2018 Tuesday Chinese New Year Celebrations
16-17 Mar 2018 Friday, Saturday MTC Trip to Kukup, Malaysia
24 Apr 2018 Tuesday Learning Journey at Health Promotion Board
12 Jun 2018 Tuesday Hari Raya Celebrations
20 Jul 2018 Friday Racial Harmony Celebrations
7 Aug 2018 Tuesday National Day Celebrations
1 Sep 2018 Saturday MTC 3rd Year Anniversary
5 Nov 2018 Tuesday Deepavali Celebrations
21 Dec 2018 Friday Christmas Celebrations