Areas of Need

The school works closely with the community by having volunteers help in the programmes, activities and the daily running of the school. We have different groups of volunteers- mainstream schools plan their community involvement programmes with us and send their pupils to interact with our students. They also help the school with preparation of resource materials and the general maintenance of the school.

Clubs, companies and organisations help with the school's enrichment programmes by providing free keyboard lessons, setting up food stalls for our pupils to practise money skills, providing fire safety talks and so o­n.

The third group of volunteers are the individual volunteers. These volunteers assist the school by giving free regular haircuts, helping the class teachers in travelling and swimming lessons, reading activities and helping to maintain the school premises and equipment. Our students also benefit when these different groups of  volunteers organise outings to places of interests in Singapore.
We welcome volunteers to work with us. If you like to volunteer with us, whether in computer maintenance, organising activities or in any area you are comfortable with, please feel free to contact us at 6481 6697.