MINDS Social Enterprise unit is run as a part of the Employment Development Centres. MINDS started a range of social enterprise units to provide alternative work engagement opportunities for our adult clients. Some of these units such as MINDS Craft began as a therapy programme as well as to encourage the development of fine motor skills. Other units such as MINDS Food and MINDS Shop were set up to provide a more realistic vocational training environment for clients who then went on for open employment opportunities in the F&B, retail and hospitality industries.   

 Over the years, the Singapore economy has progressed towards a knowledge-based economy and with increasing operation costs, many low value manufacturing jobs were relocated to more cost competitive nations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India and Vietnam. This trend has adverse effect on our beneficiaries as simple production work becomes scarce. Coupled with this was the ever growing number of students enrolling in the EDC programme upon graduating from our schools. MINDS recognised this trend and started to professionalize and expand the number of social enterprise projects as early as in 2000.

Since then, we have seen the formalizing of several in-house cottage industries, transforming them into platforms of meaningful work engagement. We are also greatly encouraged by the positive developments of our clients’ skills set and their well-being through the confidence they gain from being able to provide high quality products and services. All net revenue earned from the sale of our products and services go towards paying a monthly allowance for our clients’ work and for their lunch expenses while undergoing training at our EDCs.

We welcome you to browse through the various projects that we run. Do check out our website at https://www.se.minds.org.sg for more information!