What is an enclave work model?

An enclave work model consists of a group of MINDS clients performing work at an external location under the supervision of a training officer. The group usually consists of 10 clients with good work related skills but who still require the support and supervision of a MINDS staff. This may be due to their inability to travel to the workplace independently or the lack of social and communication skills which make integration for them more difficult.

The enclave model also serves as a transition platform before open employment. Currently MINDS has two enclave teams engaged in projects. The first is at Asia Pacific Star (APS), where they replenish refreshment trolleys for budget airlines. The second is at Sheng Siong Supermarket where they work in the warehouse to pack and weigh fresh vegetables. So the next time you board a budget plane or pick up a bag of carrots at Sheng Siong, you know who made it possible for you!

Fun Facts about MINDS Enclave – Did you know?

The enclave work model can also be found in overseas countries where practitioners have found it to be an effective model to bring persons with intellectual disabilities a step closer in workplace integration. MINDS is possibly the first organization in Singapore to run this programme successfully since 2011. This would of course not be possible without the support from the employing parties. For instance, when we were first tasked to replenish the drinks trolley at APS, our clients had difficulty remembering which drinks and how many of them to place in each drawer. APS prepared a pictorial representation of the layout and over time, they managed to refill them without referring to the picture!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank APS and Sheng Siong for their unwavering support to our enclave team. Their dedication and understanding has touched the lives of these 20 individuals with special needs.

How we can work together.

For companies who are interested to explore the enclave work model with us, these are some pointers to note:

-       We require a minimum of 10 clients on a team

-       A MINDS training officer will accompany the team to the worksite daily. The training officer’s role is to supervise the clients and ensure that they adapt to the work routine.

-       Due to transportation issues, our working hours may not be suited to your shift hours. In general, our working hours are weekdays (except PHs) between 10am – 3pm with at least 45 minute lunch break in between.

-       Our clients are better skilled to take on manual, routine task such as labelling, packing and assembly work.

If you would like explore the above model with us, please contact our Social Enterprise team:

Email: se@minds.org.sg
Phone: 6352 0225

Website: www.se.minds.org.sg