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MINDS Craft started as a therapy programme to develop self-confidence and fine motor skills in clients who enjoyed art. We found the programme highly successful in creating a calm and conducive environment for clients to explore their creative side. It also reinforced positive work behaviour in clients who did not enjoy doing other forms of work.

In order to sustain this programme, we moved towards professionalizing the packaging and quality of our products without compromising on the social deliverables. Today, you will be pleased to find that MINDS Craft is able to bulk-produce individualized artisan products where no two pieces are exactly the same. Do visit our new online e-shop here (https://www.se.minds.org.sg) !

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Some fun facts about MINDS Craft – Did you know?

Find our hand bound notebooks familiar? Actually, they are made from wallpaper and fabrics donated from GoodRich Global, a leading company specializing in wallcoverings. So that makes our notebooks eco-friendly in a sense that the covers are sample pieces from sales catalogues that would otherwise be discarded once the season is over. MINDS then takes these wallpapers and fabrics to make beautiful notebook covers, that is why you will see that no two notebooks are exactly the same!

For enquiries related to our products, please send an email to se@minds.org.sg or drop an enquiry through our online shop.

A quick note on bazaar and sales events: Please note that we require a minimum pre-event confirmed sales of $500 and $1,000 (during peak seasons between October – February) worth of goods respectively for the setup of our booths. These goods can be a combined purchase of MINDS Craft and MINDS Bakers items.