MINDS Caregivers Support Services was established to build the capability of caregivers to enhance their caregiving role and to provide support for their social-emotional needs. It is hoped that caregivers with adequate and proper support to mitigate the stress and demands of caring for a person with special needs can result in a balanced life and considerable satisfaction in their caring role.

The support to caregivers is provided through the Caregivers Support Services Centre (CSSC) as well as the Caregivers Support Initiatives (CSI) under each of MINDS schools and centres. Together, we support caregivers in the various ways:

- Information Provision

- Social & Emotional Support

- Financial Support

- Building Caregivers' Capabilities

- Collaboration with relevant organisations and government bodies for Advocacy, Innovation & Research

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Caregivers Communique is a newsletter for caregivers to "Connect, Share & Make a Difference". Get the latest highlights about caregiving, upcoming events organised by Caregivers Support Services as well as information and news affecting caregivers of persons with special needs in this biannual newsletter.

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CAREGIVERS CONFERENCE 2017 – Connect, Share & Be the difference!

Caregivers play an integral role in the care of persons with special needs.

Therefore, the Caregivers Conference 2017 on July 22 was organised with the aim to empower caregivers with skills and techniques to better care for their loved ones.

MINDS had the great pleasure to invite Dr Nirbhay N. Singh, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Health Behaviour, USA as our Keynote Presenter to share about Mindfulness-based practices for caregivers and families. This year’s conference also sees MINDS allied health professionals coming together with NUS Law School students, the National Council of Social Services, Touch Centre for Independent Living and Special Needs Trust Company to put together informative and engaging breakout sessions.

Conference Presentation Slides*:

Brief Mindfulness-based Exercises

by Dr Nirbhay N. Singh, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Health Behaviour, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University, USA

Brief Mindfulness-based Exercises
Building Better Communication – Connect with your child through the Hanen Approach

by Ms Eva Loh, Speech Therapist, MINDS & Ms Stefanie Peng, Speech Therapist, MINDS

Building Better Communication – Connect with your child through the Hanen Approach
Successful Employment – Caregivers’ Role

by Mr Anthony Tan, Teacher, Lee Kong Chian Gardens School & Mr Stephen Choon, Job Coach, Lee Kong Chian Gardens School

Sucessful employment - Caregivers role
Having A Successful Transition to Work

by Ms Manisha Kishore, Psychologist, MINDS

Making a sucessful Transition to work
Challenges of Siblings of Adult Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

by Ms Chloe Liew, Social Worker, Touch Centre for Independent Living

Challenges of Siblings of adults with Intellectual Disabilities
MINDS Siblings Team – A Preventive Approach

by Ms Tay Yu Ping, Social Worker, MINDS, Ms Gervina Lim, Social Worker, MINDS & Ms Farina Natasha Bte Abdul Razak, Sibling Leader

MINDS Siblings Team-A Preventive Approach
Planning Ahead For Your Loved Ones with Special Needs

by Ms Elaine Goh, Manager, Community Engagement, Special Needs Trust Company & Ms Bobo Lee, Case Manager, Special Needs Trust Company

English: Plan ahead for your loved ones with special needs

Mandarin: Plan ahead for your loved ones with special needs Chinese

Road Map for MINDS Caregivers Support

by Dr Jeffrey Chan, Deputy CEO, MINDS & Mr Mike Lee, Chairman, MINDS Caregivers Support Services Sub-Committee

Road Map for MINDS Caregiver Support

*Only slides that were received from the presenters will be uploaded on this page.



For all enquiries on MINDS Caregivers Support Services, please email to us at or call us at 6547 8503. We are located at Kembangan-Chai Chee Hub, Block 3, 11 Jalan Ubi, Singapore 409074.

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