Our centre’s programme focuses on improving the self –help, social skills and functional abilities of adults with intellectually disabilities who do not qualify for entry into MINDS EDCs. Emphasis is given to maximising the trainees’ potentials, upgrade their skills level, so as to facilitate social integration and possible, prepare them for transition to the EDCs. Our centre activities include the following:

ADL - Activity of Daily Living
· Personal Grooming
· Bathing
· Feeding
· Dressing
· Toileting

CLS - Community Living Skills
· Concept of Money / Time / Numbers
· Community Mobility
· Home Living
· Communication
· Language Development
· Writing
· Social Skills

 Pre – Vocational Skills
· Work habits
· Preparation for sheltered workshops

Social & Recreational Skills
· Games
· Outings
· Art & Performing Art
· Sports (Swimming, Bowling, etc)
· Movies / TV
· Computer Assisted Learning